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This piece has been a long 6 weeks and by far surpassed any expectations I had and now is completed ready to buy and download although I am able to source A3 prints for whomever wishes me to with extra delivery costs as would be expected. I have lived in Leigh area for 10 years and followed the club since Mr Derek Beaumont took over. I had to be very careful with this image and have no emblems or badges in it that breach any copyright rules and laws hence the time scale involved so yes this piece makes me proud with what I have managed to achieve without any copmputer aided design in sight. 100% HAND DRAWN.

I also hereby publicly commit as an adopted Leyther to give 10% of every sale of this piece to Leigh Leopards by donation either monthly or yearly and am more than happy to show the analytics graph for the individual sales from my website to anyone who wishes to see them.


Any use of this product under current Copyright Law in the United Kingdom for retail, promotional or advertising purposes is strictly illegal and will be dealt with immediately by our legal team. Once found out and source confirmed company paid lawyers will contact the persons and company involved directly.


If however you do wish to use products from this website for promotional or advertising purposes; please contact website owner immediately to discuss further how, why and what the item would be used for so we can then come to a legal agreement on royalties or a flat fee.


All rights reserved

Celebration of Leigh Leopards (Past & Present)

  • All rights intellectual or otherwise are owned by this website and will be  looking at approaching shops in town if they wish to sell them in due course.

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