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Due to interference owing to my personal status and political affiliations which I as an individual have full human rights to express; even though certain individuals in Greater Manchester area who are running an illegal racketeering and restricting trade for those who oppose or speak out I am closing this website but I will not be silenced or gagged by anyone and I will not accept censorship of any kind.

GMP mayor Andy Burnham along with his compatriots and fellow racketeers have blocked me from advertising on any local facebook sale sites the admins doing auto block on every single attempted post. My pc has been attempted to be hacked but my firewalls are strong, have reported to authorities much more higher and influential than gmp or Andy Burnham will ever be.

So this statement will make Mr corrupt Burnham think he has won but you haven't cos I have more than one way to sell my art and not be restricted or censored because you think you are above the law. You are not no one is you forget about royal warrants Mr Burnham be very aware you just attacked anonymous directly. Now I have paid for this domain for 3 years so that's how long this will remain for ALL to see what a corrupt and filthy scum sucking pondlife retrobate with the brain of an amoeba you are.

Good luck sueing me especially when the judge is handed some very selacious and revealing files on you and all of those corrupt people in these left wing cabals who think they can ruin peoples lives. Dates, times account details photos meeting transcripts and data logs not to mention certain clubs you visit.


404 block page fake.png

This is the fake 404 page they use attached illegally to the website to stop it registering clicks so it does not rise up on google analytics. It is also how they make people think this site even though fully legal and not fraudulent is a scam plus i had the fake 404 traced by some very very clever people.

What did they discover I wonder. Traced to an ip and a laptop that mysteriously travels to Manchester and Golborne each day.


Hmmmmm coincidence Mr Burnham?


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